Character Generator: pausing the image sequence on a certain frame.

Except using image sequences as overlay items and frame rate control, the CG object allows you to control the playback and pause the image sequence on a certain frame. 

What do I need it for?
You can use this feature to make some cool image-based animation. For example, make the animated logo appearance - displaying - hiding. All you need to do is separate the image sequence animation playback into this steps and control the animation playback: play the intro part, pause on displaying part and then unpause to playback the hiding part.  
How to pause the image sequence on a needed frame? 
The main idea of playback control is calculating the frames being showed after the sequence appearance and pause on a needed one. 
Here is a sequence of actions: 

1. Make some preparations: create a CG object,  add it as a plugin and subscribe to it's OnFrame event. 
Note: You should handle the CG OnFrame event, not the playlist one.  
// Create the CG object
m_objCharGen = new MLCHARGENLib.CoMLCharGen();

// Add it as plugin to the Playlist object
m_objPlaylist.PluginsAdd(m_objCharGen, 0); 
// Subscribe to CG OnFrame event
m_objCharGen.OnFrame += new MLCHARGENLib.IMLCharGenEvents_OnFrameEventHandler(M_objCharGen_OnFrame);

2. Prepare the CG OnFrame event handling method. It will calculate the shown frames after displaying your sequence and pause the sequence playback when required frame is reached.
// The flag that indicates that sequence is shown.
private bool isSequenceShownFlag = false;
// The ID of the item that should be paused.
private string theItemToPause;
// Frame counter
private int frameCounter;
// The frame you plan to pause on.
private int targetFrame;
// The CG OnFrame handling method
private void M_objCharGen_OnFrame(double dblTime, int nMediaTime, int nFrameNum)
    // If the item is shown...
    if (isSequenceShownFlag)
        // ... calculate the frames ...
        // ... and pause the item when required frame number is reached
        if (targetFrame == frameCounter)
            m_objCharGen.PauseItem(theItemToPause, 1);

3. Add your sequence to the CG object.
// The Id of my sequence
string graphicsItemId = "myImageSequence";
// A path to the folder with image sequence
string path = @"D:\MySequences\LogoSequence\*.*";
// Add the sequence as CG item. Note that I add it as hidden one. 
m_objCharGen.AddNewItem(pathToFlashFile, 0.05, 0.05, 1, 0, ref graphicsItemId);

4. Show the sequence and start calculating the frames with OnFrame event. 
// Show the item
m_objCharGen.ShowItem("myImageSequence", 1, 1000);
// Set the CG item name that should be paused
theItemToPause = "myImageSequence";
// Zero the frame counter.
frameCounter = 0;
// Set the frame number to pause item on.
targetFrame = 100;
// Inform the counter that the item is shown.
isSequenceShownFlag = true;

Once the counter will reach the 100 frame it will pause the image sequence.