MFormats SDK: image sequence playback

Just like MPlatform, MFormats can play back a sequence of images as a single clip. This short post explains how this works.

This is how it works: 

1. Open the image sequence, just like a common video file. 

To add a sequence you should use a wild-card expression in the file name:

m_objMFReader.ReaderOpen(@"F:\Medialooks\temp\pic\*.j2c", "");

2. You can also specify frame rate for the image sequence:

m_objMFReader.ReaderOpen(@"F:\Medialooks\temp\pic\*.j2c", "frame_rate=23.97");

Note: If you use numbers in image filenames, please make sure that they start from 0. For example: 000.j2c, 001.j2c, 002.j2c, 003.j2c etc.