Displaying DVB subtitles from TS file

You can display DVB subtitles from a TS file using Multiformat Source Filter, MPlatform or MFormats SDK. 
Here what you need to do:

1. Create an instance of the object and load a file. 

The objects may be: 
- MFile for MPlatform SDK
- MFReader for MFormats SDK
- MFReaderDSClass for Multiformat Source Filter

2. Check if there are any subtitle tracks available.

Get "file::info::subtitle_tracks" property with PropsGet method:
string tracksNumber = "";
myFile.PropsGet("file::info::subtitle_tracks", out tracksNumber ); 

3. You can also get detailed info about the subtitle track if needed.
For example, to get the subtitle index for track 0: 
string subtitleCodecName = "";
myFile.PropsGet("file::info::subtitle.0::codec_name", out subtitleCodecName);

Possible properties:
- file::info::subtitle.0::idx   - subtitle index
- file::info::subtitle.0::codec_name    - subtitle codec name
- file::info::subtitle.0::time_base    - subtitle time base
- file::info::subtitle.0::start_time    - subtitle start time
- file::info::subtitle.0::duration    - subtitle duration

Subtitle details

4. Set the subtitle track index to be displayed.

For example, track 0:
myFile.PropsSet("file::subtitle_track", "0");

5. Enjoy the show!