Transmitting long messages with WebRTC

The default limit of WebRTC message size is 24Kb. So everything above this limit was cut out and lost. 
This limit was added due to browser limitations: each one has its own cap for the amount of data received at once. 
But what if you need to send a longer message? 

We have solved this problem in MWebRTC object on the application side and updated simplewebrtc.bundle.js module on a page side. No more limits - transmit any size message at any moment to any direction: from the application to application, from application to the web page and from the web page to the application. 

The magic behind
When the MWebRTC object gets a long message it splits it into the chunks. The chunks are transmitted over the data channel one-by-one and received by the simplewebrtc engine on the web page. The engine analyzes those chunks and aggregates them. Once it realizes that the last one has arrived it fires the 'channelMessage' event and returns the whole message at once. 
It works just the same way in the opposite direction. 

Try sending long messages with our sample applications.
You can use any application that is able to transmit messages. For example, Webcam Receiver Sample: