New screen capture engine

Our screen capture engine has been updated with new features and functionality. It is currently available with MPlatform SDK and  MFormats SDK Professional edition. The release of the new DirectShow filter are coming soon.

What is new with the screen capture engine?

The new version is a native implementation and is not based on DirectShow. This results in better stability, enhanced performance and also much better quality of the captured content. It can operate in software, semi-hardware and full hardware mode freeing up the CPU to perform other tasks.

In addition, several options are available that will let you display keypresses, mouse events, time-code, zooming and tracking the currently active window. 

Combined, the features and options will let you capture desktop video and audio for use within your media applications opening up a host of new possibilities and usage scenarios.

The new engine is available as a virtual device in MLive object of MPlatform and MFLive object of MFormats.

Options overview

Here is a full list of available options for MFormats SDK and MPlatform SDK.

Sample applications

The screen capture engine works as an input device with any MLive object of MPlatform and MFLive object of MFormats SDK. So you can evaluate it on any sample application that uses MLive/MFLive objects.

MFormats SDK

The Sample File Writing example that comes with MFormats SDK is currently the best sample application to use when trying the screen capture engine. It has controls to see and change the options listed above. When running the sample, select the Medialooks DXGI/DX11 ScreenCapture device as the input device and click Init Device to start capturing the desktop. The options can be changed by editing the properties in the properties list.

The image shows the Sample File Writing application running and capturing the desktop.

MPlatform SDK

To try new Screen Capture with MPlatform SDK I recommend to use Writer sample application. It has a table with properties list table to configure MLive object and Screen Capture ones among them. Please note that device properties (and in our case the device is new Screen Capture engine) start with "device::" prefix in properties list table. 

Configuring the MLile/MFLive objects to use the screen capture engine

To start the Screen Capture engine, initialize the MLile/MFLive objects with "MedialooksDXGI/DX11 ScreenCapture"  device (it will be available in devices list) just like you do with any other capture device. 

- MFormats SDK

- MPlatform SDK