With the Preferences menu, you can change the behavior of Direct Take. You can open the Preferences menu with File -> Preferences:

  • Preview refresh rate -- sets a frequency of preview updates. 0 means full rate, the higher value is the less often the preview is updated.

  • Adjust preview rate automatically -- change the preview rate automatically depending on the current CPU usage.

  • Stretch preview video -- once enabled, the video on a preview is stretched to fill the preview control. Otherwise, the preview maintains the original aspect ratio.

  • Always show recording statistics -- once enabled, the recording statistics is displayed on preview always while the recording is in progress.

  • Always display audio meters -- once enabled, the audio meters are displayed on preview always. Otherwise, you can check the audio meters only when you hover over the preview control.

  • Load last project on startup -- once enabled, Direct Take loads the last configuration when you start the application.

  • Always check input streams are valid -- when you open a network stream as a source, Direct Take checks if the stream is available before processing it. Otherwise, the stream is loading asynchronously.

  • Run at the system startup -- once enabled, Direct Take starts with the system startup.

  • Log files location -- a folder where Direct Take stores its logs with information of sources, destinations, channels, and all the properties in use.

The REST API tab is covered in separate documentation.

Click the Save preferences button to apply the changes or close the menu to cancel the changes.

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