Release Notes - September 15, 2021


  • REST API functionality, so you can control Direct Take remotely

  • Auto-correction of preview rate depending on the CPU load, so if the recording takes a lot of resources, the preview is slowed down

  • Elgato StreamDeck plugin

  • LTC Timecode support

  • Asynchronous initialization of input network streams, so you can initialize a source that will be available later

  • Silent installation option through "-silent" command-line attribute


  • NDI 5

  • Available audio inputs for source configurations

  • Core components to MFormats 2.6

  • Audio encoding quality - June 10, 2021


  • Per-channel licensing

  • Scheduling logic


  • Core encoding components

  • SRT streams processing


  • Post-Capture Actions, so you can copy or move the recorded files to another location - May 5, 2021


  • Network streaming support, so you can stream your sources with RTMP, UDP, SRT, RTSP protocols.

  • Network streams as sources, so you can use IP cameras, RTMP feeds, SRT streams as sources for recordings

  • File recovery utility, so if you lost the recordings at any point in time you can restore the video later.

  • Scheduling, so you can plan recording sessions.

  • Audio preview, so you can monitor the input sound.

  • Statistics of recording, so you can monitor the process in detail - April 23, 2021

First public release

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