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Guides, tips and code samples for our products.

H.264 and H.265 GPU-powered decoding

By default, all media files in our tools are decoded in software-only mode: your CPU will be used, which is not the best solution in some scenarios. MPlatform's Decoder Lib and the Expert edition of MFormats SDK offer two options for GPU-powered decoding: Nvidia's NVENC and Intel's Quick Sync. Learn more...

New indexing approach speeds up loading of MXF files

It previously took us up to several minutes to load certain MXF files – usually the ones with a missing index table. Basically, all this time is used to read the file and build the index table when the file is being opened. This problem is hardly noticeable on small MXF files, but turns into a big problem for our customers, when files reach several gigabytes. Learn more...

HTML5 Plugin: getting started

With our new HTML5 Plugin (beta) you can use HTML pages as the primary way to design your on-screen graphics as well as overlay web pages on top of the video. The plugin will be available as a separate product (price to be announced later) and will be available in MPlatform version and MFormats version Learn more...

Object properties: tips and tricks

If you've used Medialooks objects, you might have noticed that in addition to common configuration and initialization process, each Medialooks object has some special properties. This post talks about such properties and suggests some tips on how to use them. Learn more...
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