Medialooks Runtime library

We are shuffling things around a bit in our DLLs. Here's what you need to know about the new Runtime library.

We created MFormats SDK not only because we wanted to bring it to market, but also because we needed a solid framework, on top of which we could build MPlatform SDK.

In order to keep things structured, we've moved some of the core MFormats SDK functionality into the new Medialooks.Runtime.dll, which will be installed separately into the following folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Medialooks\Common".

This approach will allow customers to use different SDKs on a single machine independently: it will be possible to install and uninstall SDKs without any effect on each other. For example:

  • Installing MFormats SDK will also install the Medialooks Runtime.
  • The WebRTC SDK installer will not install the Runtime again (since it was installed by MFormats SDK previously).
  • Uninstalling MFormats SDK will not remove the Runtime library, and WebRTC SDK will continue to work properly.

These changes will be in effect starting with the following product versions:

  • MPlatform SDK: version 1.6.0.xxxx or higher
  • MFormats SDK: version 1.2.0.xxxx or higher
  • Direct Take: version 2.2.0.xxxx or higher
  • WebRTC SDK (coming soon): starting with the first version

Do I need to redistribute the Runtime DLL with my application?

Yes, if you use the SDK version mentioned above you should redistribute and register Medialooks.Runtime.dll as well as all other Medialooks DLLs used by your application. We updated the Redistribution guidelines accordingly.

You can also redistribute Medialooks Runtime without registration. Please use the updated sample manifest files in the installation packages or our SDKs.