Installing the software

Where to download and how to install the Video Transport software.

Signing in

If you don't have an account yet, please visit our web site and submit your email address.

If you do have an account, you can sign in to the VT Admin Panel. Use the credentials received from the VT Sales Team or use the "Forgot password" option:

The VT Admin Panel will open and should like this:

Click on the "My Account" page link in the center or in the upper-right corner of the page.

Download the software

To download the software, hit "Download release" on the bottom left side of the My Account section.

The Video Transport software suite is portable – there's no installer that needs to be run. This makes it instantly deployable on any Windows computer that is available (check for system requirements here).

Unpack the downloaded ZIP file, and you're good to go. The applications you will be using are:

  1. "VT_Publisher.exe" – this is the VT Publisher, use it to send feeds.

  2. "VT_Receiver.exe" – this is the VT Receiver, use it to receive feeds.

  3. "VT_Server.exe" – this is both publisher and receiver in one app, controlled via the Control Panel.

  4. "VT_Guest.exe" – this is the VT Guest, a simple remote contribution app.

Check the quick overview of our product in case if you missed some information regarding main features.

In order to avoid the problems with running our software and with saving settings, you must be sure that you've extracted it into the folder to which you have Read-Write access rights.

You can see an example of the unpacked ZIP file below.

Ready to start?

We will guide you through some typical scenarios of using Video Transport here.

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