Partner License

To secure your company credentials and internal data we provide you the ability to create a Partner sub-license. Please read how to manage and download this type of license and more here.

If you need to collaborate with someone outside your organization, provide them with a Partner License to use with any of the VT tools.

What you can do with the Partner License:

  • Use VT Guest. In this case you will need 1 channel for 1 VT Guest connection. Partner license should have same Room ID as the VT Receiver in studio.VT Guest scenario is described here.

  • Receive one stream per VT Receiver instance. It means that you only can receive the stream via Access ID provided. And no matter how many channels you give with this Partner license it will be like 1 receiver = 1 stream. If you have more than one channels you will need to run another VT Receiver instance.

  • Publish feeds. You can publish as many feeds as you have channels. In this case if you want to receive partner streams by the User or your Root license, Partner license should have same Room ID as the VT Receiver in studio.

Preparing package software package with a partner license

  • Download the VT software package from the My Account section of the Web Control Panel

  • Unpack it and delete your license file with a .JSON extension from the unpacked VT folder

  • Put the partner license .JSON file into the unpacked VT folder

  • Pack the folder and send it to your partner

Please avoid sending folders with Video Transport apps over Google Drive or other cloud file hosting services unpacked. Some file systems can corrupt the files and the software may not work correctly after that.

Receiving feeds

To receive a stream with a Partner License you need to put the Partner license file in the Video Transport folder on the Receiver side. Get the Access ID from VT Publisher with the main license by clicking the right button on the published stream and selecting the "Copy Access ID" option:

Then, insert the Access ID in the VT Receiver application in the Publisher ID text box. Stream should appear in the sources list.

Publishing feeds

To publish a feed with a Partner License, put the Partner License in the Video Transport folder, open the VT Publisher application, select a source, and click the "Start Publishing" button. The studio will receive the feed in their VT Receiver.

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