Partner License
To secure your company credentials and internal data we provide a Partner license file together with the main license once you purchase Video Transport.
If you need to collaborate with someone outside your organization, provide them with a Partner License to use with any of the VT tools. A Partner License allows to receive and to publish only one stream via each VT Publisher or VT Receiver instance.

Downloading the Partner License

To download the Partner License, sing in to the Control Panel and hit "Download partner license":

Receiving feeds

To receive a stream with a Partner License we need to locate the Partner License in the Video Transport folder, get the Access ID from VT Publisher with the main license by clicking the right button on the published stream and selecting the "Copy Accesses ID" option:
Then, insert the Access ID in the VT Receiver application in the Publisher ID text box:

Publishing feeds

To publish a feed with a Partner License, locate the Partner License in the Video Transport folder, open the VT Publisher application, select a source, and click the "Start Publishing" button.