Everything that there is about licensing Video Transport.

Video Transport pricing is based on the concept of channels. Here's what a channel is:

  • One feed being sent from a VT Publisher to a VT Receiver counts as one channel.

  • The same feed received by another VT Receiver counts as another channel.

  • A contribution feed received via VT Receiver from either VT Guest or The Guest Link counts as one channel. The return feed sent back to the contributor does not count as an extra channel.

  • Web previews don't count as additional channels if they are also being received by VT Receiver. If there are no VT Receivers connected to the same feed, any number of web viewers counts as one channel.

For example, if you are receiving a stream from one Publisher via 5 Receivers, it will take 5 channels. If you are receiving 5 streams from 5 Publisher instances with 1 Receiver, it will take 5 channels as well. Web previews will not count as extra channels in this case.

There are two ways of licensing Video Transport – a subscription model and an on-premises edition.

Subscription model

The fastest way to start is grab a channel package. We offer quarterly and annual licenses. You will find the prices here.

On-prem edition

If you wish for the server-side software to reside within your own premises, feel free to opt in to an on-prem edition, which also can be white-labeled. For details please reach out to [email protected].

Here's some details for on-premises hardware requirements.