My Account section

"My Account" section which is available from the VT Control Panel allows you to see your account information, change your password, download license and software, buy a new license and also control your sub-licenses.

To open the My Account section from the Control Panel just click the "My Account" link on the left upper side of the page.

Here is how My Account page looks like:

It contains five tabs:

  • Start section on top. Contains the links to the Documentation and Overview video.

  • User Info. Here you can see your registration information and can change a password to your account

  • Software. Click the Download release or Download beta to download software distribution packages. Note: each package you download contains your main license, be strict about it when you want to give the software to someone.

  • License Info. Here you can see the "Used channels" counter which represents the number of your active(in-use) channels at the moment. Available channels counter which represents you total channels count. And also the expiration date of your license.

    Click the "Buy license" button if you want to purchase a new license or prolong your current.

    Click the "Download license" to download your main license separately from the software.

    Click the "User License" list to open a sub-license control section. Check the description below.

  • Support. Contains the links to Support and Documentation.

User License List

This section allows you to create the various sub-licensed accounts for your main account. Actually, you could add new users of your license with different abilities and restrictions.

Here is how it looks like:

As you can see on the screenshot above the list is empty. To add a new user click at the "Add user" link at the top-right side of the page. You will see the modal window dialog:

All the following fields are required except the Room ID:

  • Login. Must be entered in a valid email address consisting of an email prefix and an email domain.

  • Password. Enter the password. Try to stick to the following rules:

    Passwords must contain at least one lowercase letter.

    Passwords must be at least 8 characters, including a number, an uppercase letter, and a lowercase letter.

    Don't use spaces, the same character 3 times in a row, your Apple ID, or a password you've used over the last year.

  • Role (drop-down list) is the type of sub-license given to the new user. Each role has different rights and abilities:

    1. Owner has the rights similar to the main account. Owner license users can log into their own Control Panel and Account Page. They are able to edit the entire main account User License list, but he can't access the main account page and can't do anything with the main account.

    2. User doesn't have access to the User License list but still can log in to his separate Control Panel and My Account pages.

    3. Partner is a restricted type of account, that can't login into Control Panel. It main purpose is to use in with the VT Guest application. But it can be used for the VT Publisher and VT Receiver. You can read more about practical use here.

  • Room or Room ID is the required field for the Partner role and optional for the Owner and User roles. Basically is the Publisher ID that you can see in the VT Publisher and VT Receiver.

    Owners and Users may not have Room ID, which leads to the following:

    Control Panel will ask you to enter the Room ID. If you do that you will be able to see and manage the streams from the Publisher with entered Room ID. Note that the Room ID you want to enter must be known in your Main Account User License List.

    You can do the similar as the above with the VT Receiver and Publisher. Just change the ID in the apps and you will be able to publish the streams to the receivers with entered ID or receive streams published with the same ID.

    If the Owner or User has the Room ID they can't change the Publisher ID in VT Publisher. Can change Publisher ID in the VT Receiver, but only to the Access ID of the particular stream, which leads that Receiver with that license will work in one-channel mode.

    Partners must always have the Room ID. It will be applied in the Publisher, but in the Receiver they can only use the Access ID of the particular stream.

  • Channels are the number of channels you wish to give to the new user.

  • From and Expiration date must be selected to proceed.

When you finish this form click "Save", a new user should appear in the list like on the screenshot below.

As you can see you can Edit (actually you only can change the account password), Remove and Download license directly for the selected accounts.

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