Errors reference

(-2147023436) eVTR_E_SGN_Timeout

Connection timeout.

(-974) eVTR_E_NotConnected,(-969) eVTR_E_WrongState

Attempt to interact with signaling in case of no signaling connection.

(-980) eVTR_E_MissedPayload

Payload message is not correct.

(-196) eVTR_E_Auth_Sign_Wrong

Reseller license is not valid.

(-975) eVTR_E_NotFound

"Sign" field has not been found.

(-198) eVTR_E_Auth_NotAuthorized

Cannot find any valid license.

(-190) eVTR_E_Auth_License_Expired

License has expired (current date=exp_date)

(-191) eVTR_E_Auth_License_InvalidDate

Not valid date format of exp_date field.

(-175) eVTR_E_Auth_Server_Missed

The field "Auth_url" is missing and there is no address on which we need to listen to incoming connections.

(-195) eVTR_E_Auth_Credentials_Missed

"Username" field not found.

(-188) eVTR_E_Auth_License_MissedKey

The license file does not contain any public or private keys.

(-193) eVTR_E_Auth_Credentials_Wrong

Password is not valid

(-1000) eVTR_E_Unexpected

Any problem with key signs.

(-192) eVTR_E_Auth_License_MissedId

Missing "id" field

(-178) eVTR_E_Auth_Username_Missed

Missing "Username" field.

(-177) eVTR_E_Auth_Username_NotFound

"Username" field not found

(-180) eVTR_E_Auth_ClientID_Missed

"ClientID" field is missing.

(-179) eVTR_E_Auth_ClientID_NotFound

"ClientID" field is missing.

(-199) eVTR_E_Auth_Corrupted

Can't read the public key.

(-950) eVTR_E_Exception

Fatal error.

(-997) eVTR_E_InvalidArgument

Any incorrect properties detected.

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