VT Server

Explains how to use the UI-less server modules with the cloud-based Control Panel.

VT Server is a combination of VT Publisher and VT Receiver, but without a user interface and with an API(beta). It can also be configured to auto-restart if needed.

VT Server can only be operated by the web-based Control Panel or via an API(beta). But since VT Server and VT Publisher/Receiver share the same config files, you can do some pre-configuration in apps and the use the VT Server.

Running VT Server

VT Server requires a valid license to run. If you don't have a license, follow the signup instructions.

Make sure that your license is deployed on all of the required locations. To do so, place the license file in JSON format (or .LIC for the older versions from vt.medialooks.com ) in the application's folder.

In order to run VT Server, launch "VT_Server.exe".

Go to the Control Panel to configure this location.

We do not recommend simultaneously running both VT Publisher and VT Server on the same machine.

Configuring auto-restart

If you want VT Server to restart automatically, follow this guide.

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