VT Guest Link

A quick guide on using the VT Guest Link for outside contribution via a web browser.

The Guest Link is an easy-to-use web-based contribution link that runs on almost any device and provides bi-directional connectivity between the contributor (speaker) and the receiving location (studio).

We recommend using Google Chrome for optimal performance.

Using the Guest Link

The Guest Link requires to use VT Publisher and VT Receiver (it currently does not work with VT Server and cannot be set up via the Control Panel).

First, you have to download our latest version (starting with You can do it on our web site. After you download and extract the Video Transport:

  • Launch the VT Publisher application. Select the video source from the “studio”, which we will send to the remote guest. Hit “Start Publishing”.

  • Using the context menu of the selected channel from the studio, select “Copy Web Guest URL”:

  • Insert the "Web Guest URL" into the browser:

  • The stream from the browser will appear in the VT Publisher instance as one of the published sources. This feed can be delivered to required number of VT Receivers.

Remote control of Web Guest settings

It's possible to remotely control all Web Guest settings from VT Publisher application.

To open remote settings right click at specific Web Guest in VT Publisher and open Web Guest Settings.

You can remotely alter any setting available in Web Guest in this window, including switching on and off camera and microphone of the guest. Click OK to apply new settings.

The applied new settings are instantly reflected on the web guest page. If some of the new settings require page refresh, it will be refreshed automatically.

It is recommended to make all the settings changes before going live. Making changes while on-air might interrupt video streams to apply new settings.

Configuring Guest Link streaming parameters

To customize the user experience on the contributing side, the following parameters can be set.






E.g. "Guest1"

Sets the name of the feed to show in VT Receiver.


E.g. "Studio"

Sets location name to show up in VT Receiver.


E.g. "1280x720"

Sets target resolution for contributor's camera.


E.g. "5m" (5 Mbps)

Sets max bitrate to stream at.



Selects encoder to use.


E.g. "40k"

Sets the audio bitrate.



Mirrors contributor's video feed.




Automatically starts video feed from contributor.




Turns off the guest's camera.




Turns off the guest's microphone.


Here's an example:

https://vt.medialooks.com:8080/webguest2/IHjWJly7s0IrHyAU?name='Donald Trump'&location='Silicon Valley'&resolution=1280x720&videoBitrate=5m&videoEncoder=H264&audioBitrate=40k&mirroring=true&autostart=true

Password protected Guest Link

It's possible set password to limit access to the certain Guest or Preview Link. To enable password protection feature right click at the source at the Publisher application and select Security Settings in dropdown menu.

It the Security Settings window you can add multiple users with their own password. Disable Allow anonymous access to enable password protection.