Disable NDI auto-location

How to disable NDI auto location and add NDI sources manually

Sometimes you need to disable NDI sources auto-location and add them manually. For example, if you have too many NDI sources and it is hard to find what you need among them.

First of all, you need to disable NDI Locator in VT Publisher:

Locate Local.Config.XML file in %folderwhereyouinstalledVT%\DLL\Runtime.x64

  1. Open Local.Config.XML in the text editor.

  2. Find the prop called ndi_locator.enabled, by default it has a value 'true'.

  3. Change the value to the 'false'. It should look like ndi_locator.enabled='false'

  4. Save Local.Config.XML and Run VT Publisher to check out that your NDI sources are not present in the list anymore.

To add the NDI sources manually:

  1. Click the "Add URL" button in VT Publisher

  2. Enter URL in the following format NDI://name_of_your_NDI_source

  3. Click OK.

  4. The source will be published automatically.

  5. If you Stop publishing, the source will be deleted from the list.

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