The Web Preview does not work

By default, we are processing the Web Preview with the CPU encoder. This is because many GPU cards have a limitation on the count of concurrent encoding sessions (so we keep them open for more important transmissions). You can change this setting on the publishing side, by prioritizing GPU codec for web-preview in the "Local_config.xml" file, located in "DLL" folder:

"..\Video Transport\DLL\Local.Config.xml"

Change the "codec" property from "cpu_h264" to "gpu_h264".

Also, by default, we are downgrading the quality of the stream in the web preview.

Option 1: you can configure your own encoding properties with the width, height, and other properties. Option 2: by changing the value of the "separate" property from "true" to "false", in order to get the origin video parameters of the stream.

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