Can't connect to the signaling server
There are two known possible causes for this problem:
  1. 1.
    Port 8080 is not open for TCP.
  2. 2.
    The ping is too high.

Checking your network configuration

Check your firewall settings (see here for more details on network configuration). It's best to use the "telnet" command to check it. This feature isn't available in Windows by default and you need to add it in via "Programs and Features" panel:
Start the command line and use telnet to reach out to the Medialooks signaling server:
telnet 8080 // If you have a license.
telnet 8080 // If you are using the free version.
If you will see an error message after this command, it means that you need to open port 8080 for TCP on your side. If you will see just an empty line it means that all is okay and you must check the other side of the connection.

The high ping problem

If the ping is too high, we should increase the "time-out" property, for example, set "10000" milliseconds" and change the value of the "login_async" property from "true" to "false" in the Local_config.xml file: