VT Guest
An easy-to-use remote contribution app for anchors and speakers.
VT Guest is designed to enable remote anchors and speakers to contribute to a production, usually via a dedicated setup or shippable kit. A great example of how an entirely remote video production workflow was built for anchors contributing daily to a TV show is available in this case study.
VT Guest provides bi-directional connectivity between the contributor and the studio.
Unlike The Guest Link, the VT Guest application uses our SRT-based protocol and also supports GPU-powered encoders: this increases transmission reliability and streaming performance. Due to browser limitations, the web link is limited to the WebRTC protocol and CPU-based encoders.
VT Guest is available starting with version 567 and is not compatible with earlier releases. It also requires the license files to be updated: if you already own a Video Transport subscription, please reach out to us, and we will provide updated license files.

Using VT Guest

VT Guest is available starting with v. You can do it on our web site.
  • Launch VT Publisher. Select the video source that you want to send to the remote guest as a return link. Click the “Start Publishing” button.
  • Using the context menu of the selected channel, select “Copy Access ID”:
  • Launch the VT Guest application on the required machine and choose the video source you wish to contribute with.
  • Paste into the "Access Link/ID" field the value from the source in VT Publisher and hit "Start”:
  • Launch the VT Receiver application:
Once done, the feed from VT Guest will be available in VT Receiver. A return feed will also be sent to VT Guest from VT Publisher.
The receiving side (such as a studio or MCR) is in control of the transmission parameters (protocol and latency can be set via the VT Receiver app).
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